10 things I wish my manager realized about Social Media

Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining or implying that my manager doesn’t know much about Social Media, or saying that managers in general don’t know much about social media, but as someone who uses it not only personally but also professionally, there are a few things that I find don’t always register….

1. If you block it we may miss information.

Many companies block social media sites – like facebook and twitter – at work so employees can’t access their personal accounts to “waste time at work”. Blocking something that may be seen as personal may actually be a hindrance. Many times I have found out news that have greatly affected my work as well as my company through personal accounts.

2. Avatar. It’s more than a movie.

An avatar is a graphical representation used on many social sites – it is something that can represent you in 50 x 50 pixels across all social mediums. Ensure you use one – either it is personal or a representation of your brand.

3. Social Media isn’t free.

Yes, the platforms are, but not only does it take human capital but tools to help facilitate listening and engaging more efficiently in social media aren’t free. Invest in not only your employees but also tools that will help them with social media in an effective manner.

4. Yes, we should strategically plan, but at least get your channels secure.

Many managers strive so much to have a social media “plan” and integrate into our business goals, they don’t realise taking much time to do so, you may actually not secure your channel and someone else may do. That can really dilute your overall brand.

 5. Get Social!

Speaking as a  GenY’er, we all are pretty active in social media. Many baby boomers I know aren’t! So get social! If you want to better understand or get engaged or strategically plan social media, get online! get social!

6. It’s not scary being social.

Over the years, there has been a lot more investment into the privacy of using social channels. You can control just how much you want to share personally.

7. Most people online are lurkers!

Seems management always needs some solid ROI measurements for doing any marketing or media type projects. So when it comes to social media, they want to know all the “Likes” and comments and retweets. Keep in mind, not everyone online are commenters, most are lurkers. Just because not every tweet has been retweeted or every blog post has a comment means that your message isn’t getting out to the online channels or to your audience.

8. It’s a hashtag, not a pound sign.

9. Not every social channel is right for your business.

Take the time to review every social channel and understand if it will effectively reach your audience.

10. Be consistent, even if it means starting small.

Be consistent with your social media. Limit to one blog per week, or one Facebook post per week – whatever you can commit to. Jumping right into social media and do it all right off the bat can be a hindrance if you slowly slip as it get’s to be to much. 

And one last thing:

11. Customize your content to the social channel.

Don’t always post the same type of information in the same way on your different social channels. Give your social channel their own type of voice and strategy for engagement. They way and reason why people engage with you on your social channels may differ.

Lynette Sawyer (@lscollective) is a grahic designer and passionate HR afficionado who works with Impact People Practices as a guest blogger and on special projects. Her unique perspective as an emerging leader and as a full time employee with the government bring a fresh take on the opportunities (and yes, challenges) we have in our workplaces when 4 generations connect, collaborate and need to perform together for results.

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  1. Melanie Anne Bitner on May 17, 2011 at 5:01 am

     Tell me more about how I create and populate with an Avatar please?