Top Networking Tips- from my network

Some people use the relationship to get the deal, but the reality is the relationship IS the deal.

Bill Gibson, Managing Complex Business Relationships System.

You can call it by many names- your network, your tribe, your “go-to” people. It may take a village to raise a child, but in business tapping into a local and global network of relationships has incredible advantages: I asked a group of people in one particular network I use daily for inspiration, knowledge, support, coaching and business ideas for their thoughts on “having a network” . Meet Meetu, Chris and Deb.

1. What is your definition of a “network?

Network is a collection of INSPIRED people who give and receive help to each other. The time invested is not with any profit motive but with a hope that what you give comes back to you. In other words ‘give a penny, take a penny’ . Give is first then take – Meetu

Group of like minded individuals who bring out the best in each other, the basis for greatness.- Deb

2. How can a great network impact you?

A good network shares individual expertise and general knowledge.- Deb

I can ask my network anything and they’ll give me honest feedback that helps me grow.- Chris

The most important advantage being a part of a network is the turn around time to achieve your goals is drastically reduced.- Meetu


3. Building a network takes time. How much time?

‎Long enough to be comfortable with each other.- Deb

A network is constantly growing and evolving so I’d have to say as short as 5 minutes to as long as a lifetime.- Chris

Two is a company and Three is a network…. My take is no time at all. One can start small and the network has this synergy that gravitates the like-minded people towards it. Of course, more the merrier.- Chris


4. Starting from scratch- how do you build a network?

Jump into a social ring that matches your interests.- Deb

Starting from scratch, find groups of like minded individuals and connect personally with the most influential people in that network, they will help you connect with others like you in the shortest time. Add value to the top influencers lives. – Chris

It is the will / desire and need of a person to CONTRIBUTE . All it takes is effort to lead and you attract other leaders. When Dr Martin Luther king Jr said – I have dream ……… it was the dream of other like-minded leaders that made it all happen. Dr King had the courage to lead the group of other leaders. There is this strong need to CONTRIBUTE and it is so organic- Meetu

5. Quality vs. Quantity: Does one mean sacrificing the others?

If you go for quantity before quality you may end up on an unsavory network.- Deb

The quantity comes when you are ready for it. It’s always best to start with quality people because they will connect you with the quantity as time goes by. – Chris

Both actually. But quality is better than quantity is my personal belief – Meetu


6. The most surprising thing that has come out of your network

Not much surprises me.- Deb

That my crazy idea has gotten me clients for a week even when I wrote “drinking beer” was one of my strengths. LOL- Chris

I am in a contractual job today and I owe it all to my network. Had it not been for all the support I received from my virtual network, I would not have been doing what I am doing today. I AM A INSPIRATIONAL CASE STUDY of what 360 turnaround a Network can bring to some one’s life. was eventually a success because of POWER of the NETWORK.- Meetu


7. Any last words of wisdom?

If as a member of network you contribute without hoping to receive anything in return then I am 100% sure that you will receive PLEASANT SURPRISES every time you reach out for something to your network. Be a go giver and you will see everyone as a Go giver around you!- Meetu

Care deeply for people and truly try to find ways to help.- Chris

Having people in your life to share and mastermind with is the most valuable tool you could ask for. Deb



Bio: Meetu Singhal: Social Media and Web strategist . Works with IT and ITES companies in defining and executing their social media strategies and conversational marketing. my site http://var/www/vhosts/


Bio- Chris Hughes is an Internet Marketing Strategist who loves having fun. Chris specializes in finding and implementing the smartest ways to build your business using online media. Site >


Bio: Deb Webb is an internet entrepreneur who specializes in Search Engine optimization http://var/www/vhosts/





Chris, Deb and Meetu regularly hang out on the Impact People Practices Facebook fan page and the fan page for Impact99 so if you want to meet them and other amazing people in my network, come on over and LIKE the page… to join the network!
Christine McLeod, Founder of Impact People Practices



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