The power of ONE. $1 per fan. ONE big need.

For the first 1000 fans of the Impact People Practices Facebook page, I am donating $1 per fan to a charity close to my heart. ONE fan, ONE dollar. ONE big need.

So the first 1000 fans of Impact People Practices aren’t just joining a community on Facebook of innovative leaders passionate about creating more connected workplaces. They are also raising  $1000 towards BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. We are so close. As of June 29th, only 77 fans away from that goal.

This is an organization that hits as close to home as it gets for me and hence my ongoing support for its quest to become THE most state of the art Children’s Hospital in the country. In 2005 we saw the best of this hospital at the worst time imaginable for a parent. Our commitment to supporting this amazing place started then and won’t end any time soon.

For ONE person to write a cheque for $1 would seem a bit ridiculous- one would never do it- but for 1000 of us to sign our names to a cheque for $1000… cool. ONE dollar. ONE fan. ONE life it could change. Help us get to 1000 and in doing so, know you are joining a community of leaders who is making a difference… at work, in life  at play, in the world.

I challenge you to share this post with your network . My pen is ready to write the next cheque… !

Of course, if you want to do more than just join a fan page contribute $1 to this amazing place called BC Children’s Hospital, then you can go to http://var/www/vhosts/ and donate directly.. AND see all their amazing and inspiring videos of the kids and the staff.

Once we get to 1000, the next 1000 fans will be donating to another incredible cause, stay tuned for those details. It will always have to do with helping children- who in my mind are everything hopeful and incredible about leadership…. our future leaders… and those who teach us the most about our own leadership.

So please go to http://var/www/vhosts/ Click LIKE. join our movement to revolutionize HR and create incredible workplaces AND know that you just made a difference in more ways than ONE.

Hugs to all,

Christine McLeod CHRP

Founder of Impact People Practices

“Creating Connected workplaces”


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  1. Marcelle on February 2, 2011 at 10:43 pm


    This is the first post I’ve seen doing such a great promotion to grow their visibility & to help people.

    Love what you’re creating here.