The New Leader- perspectives from a Millenial

Last week on the Impact People Facebook Page I launched an invitation to emerging leaders under 30 to write a guest blog post sharing their thoughts about LEADERSHIP.

This week’s post is by Entrepreneur and business blogger Jorge Mendoza (See full bio at the end of this post).



Reaching a leadership or managerial position in any organization is, in most cases, the result of working hard, being a “team player”, having good ideas, being a role model, and displaying the talent and potential to be a good leader. Becoming a leader is a great satisfaction and a reason to be proud. However, getting there is just the beginning. Once you have attained a leadership position the next, much more difficult, process of developing into an effective leader begins.

In the era of the information superhighway, mobile internet and instant gratification, the pressure to be an effective, successful leader can build quickly because today’s employers expect proof of positive results in the short-term. Like society itself, the concept and views of leadership have changed dramatically in the last few decades. So, before we can start thinking about becoming better leaders, we must first have a clear understanding of what it means to be a successful leader TODAY.

I have good news and bad news…and some more good news.

The good news is that effective leadership today has a different meaning than it did 20 or 30 years ago.

The bad news is that becoming an awesome leader nowadays is slightly more complicated than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

The other good news is that once you have become a great leader, the results you will get at a professional and a personal level are far superior to those you could have attained in the past.

For many, many years effective leadership was linked exclusively to the delivery of results and the achievement of objectives. This lead to the proliferation of “reigns of terror” where, regardless of the means, practices, or methods, the end goal was all that mattered. Within the rigid hierarchical power structures of the past, “bosses” reigned supreme and employees did what they were told because there was no alternative. In fairness, if the results were achieved it could be argued that this type of leadership was, at the very least, effective. Not necessarily good or healthy but effective nonetheless.

With the generational shift and the emergence of leaders from Generations X and Y, the mechanics of the workplace and, more specifically, the role of a leader have changed significantly.

Today, just as before, effective leaders must deliver positive results and achieve the objectives that have been set out. The biggest difference between now and then resides in the fact that they must do so while fostering a healthy, inclusive, nurturing environment for their team members. The role of a leader is to balance both on the scale.

  1. Leaders today have to bring out the best in their team members.
  2. They must be able to convince & motivate them to get on board for whatever project they are working on.
  3. Leaders must encourage critical thinking, listen to (and act on) their ideas, and foster a team-oriented mentality.
  4. They have to be able to focus each individual’s efforts and tasks to highlight that person’s unique strengths.
  5. Leaders today have to be able to communicate effectively and set expectations clearly.
  6. The role of a leader today is a mash between authority, motivational speaker, disciplinarian, teacher, facilitator, listener and friend. All in one.

This “new” leadership seems to be all about the staff. Because it is. What leaders and companies must realize that their team members are their most valuable assets and that the better they take care of their employees, the better their employees will take care of them. And that is just good business. Think about it – happy, motivated employees will work harder, look for ways to improve the business, decrease staff rotation, lower training costs and improve overall productivity. What is not to like?

Being a great leader today will not only allow leaders to achieving their objectives and exceed expectations but it will also increase the quality of life for all team members while improving the company as a whole. It is a win-win-win situation. So, the question that remains is: Are you a “new” leader?

Jorge Mendoza is a  Management, Marketing, Social Media and Personal Development blogger. The objective of his blog,, is to give advice and help small business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs grow and improve their businesses and themselves. After he obtained a Marketing degree from UBC he moved to Whistler where he has had the opportunity to explore the tourism and hospitality industry, starting as a Front Desk Agent and moving up to General Manager and everything in between. If you want to know more about Jorge’s blog or to contact him, please visit

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  1. Anonymous on June 18, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Well done Jorge. I work with emerging leaders to help them recognize and unleash their potential in ways that help them do the same for their teams. You have done a good job of describing this.