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We’d like to give you the “unofficial” bio of our speakers, social media coaches and panelists.

Today, we introduce you to Teri Conrad who will be part of the Squamish event team Oct 6th. Teri is Senior Social Strategist at Socialized! Ltd and Founder of Fraser Valley Social Media Meetup. Wife, mother and in past life a Licensed Realtor as well.

Teri: Who you are (the unofficial version)-
3 things unique about you

A diehard debater : armchair politician : margarita and wine lover : Love to laugh : Dancing is important! : Travel bug and like adventure at 5 star resorts 😉 : Fine dining : beaches : spas and anything indulgent!

  1. I once sang in a choir for the Queen and Prime Minister on Parliament Hill
  2. I lived in Hawaii for 1 year and was the only ‘howly’ kid in my class
  3. I hate cooking but love eating.

What are you passionate about?

I am ridiculously passionate about connecting : people : ideas : principles : leadership : communication : values : honesty : integrity : friends and family

Tell us about your FIRST social media experience.

First social media experience was probably internet dating where I met my husband– that was of course LONG before we called it that;) Then started using Facebook as a way to stay connected to my extended family.  It seemed like such an obvious way to connect to me.

Leveraging Human Capital through Social Platforms: Your two cents

When I first started playing with social, I often would think of the shampoo commercial from the 70’s where “she told 2 friends, and she told 2 friends and so on and so on” and the girl on screen would multiply.  Social allows the possibility to connect with so many more people than ever possible before, but more importantly it allows you to connect with the most AMAZING quality of people! Surrounding yourself with thought leaders and industry leaders is so valuable! This principle alone has changed my world!

What social platforms do you regularly use, and why?

I couldn’t live without Twitter and Facebook.  Both of these tools allow me to stay connected in ongoing conversations and shared experiences, feed my business intelligence, and keep me informed of the new trends and hot topics.  Linkedin and Google+ are not far behind.

What Social Platform/Media/Software companies do you think are BRILLIANT and hot right now?

Well all the above mentioned are obvious.  I would say that local company Invoke who created Hootsuite and multiple other apps are doing some pretty amazing things!

What are the top three people whose social media persona you admire and follow?  Why?

Locally it has always been Shane Gibson for his thought leadership and best practices and his clear grasp of the relationship between business and Social.

Seth Godin who writes fabulous short easy read and truly savvy marketing blogs (as well as numerous books like Purple Cow, Tribes and Linch Pin) and most recently Brian Solis of Altimeter Group, author of Engage! and who’s video interviews resemble professional media news magazine programs.

When you think of HR (Human Resources) and Social Media, where does your brain go?

My first thought are the amazing Recruiting opportunities tied with Social and how a platform like LinkedIn would be so powerful.  Gleaning a personality and background has never been easier and believe that the paper resume will soon be dead.

How do you create the following things? Engagement, community, leadership

Well one begets the other:

ENGAGEMENT Through conversation – listening, reaching out and chiming in and sharing valuable content.

COMMUNITY – through engagement and content on shared interests

LEADERSHIP – by creating valuable content. Offering context around ideas.

Biggest mistakes you see corporate leaders making with social media?

“Its going away and not figuring it out ;)”

Your thoughts about the role social media can play in “workplace engagement?”

Social media is an excellent tool for both external and internal communications.  We use a internal tool called Yammer to connect, track threads, privately message and build company culture and externally Social obviously is the bomb for business intelligence, brand story telling and connecting with your stakeholders.

Best boss you ever had and why?

Best boss was the one who hired me in retail who recognized my selling style and allowed me the opportunity to achieve my goals in my own way. Smart cookie 😉

You have a magic wand & loudspeaker; One thing you would wish for to re-invent the workplace as we know it?

Learn to streamline and empower your employees to have some autonomy and decision making!

Why should people sign up for Impact99?

Forward thinking HR and C level decision makers will benefit the most!  The opportunity to learn from some of our local leaders all in one room about best practices and where others have failed will be invaluable.  The recruitment possibilities alone would make it worth your while!

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