Teaching an old dog new tricks

So here I stand at the precipice of becoming a social media devotee. Perhaps it has something to do with my advancing years (aka young senior) and creeping complacency, finding comfort in what I know and where I have been.  I have come to the realization that to feel fully engaged in life curiosity is everything and that embracing change can help to fire the neurons.

For those of you who are social media wise, I ask for your patience in reading this blog, I am thinking there maybe some take-a-ways. For those of you who can empathize with my plight of becoming social media savvy, I am hoping that my experience will help to enlighten.

So this is what I have learned so far:

1)   Partner with some one who is social media aware and can act as a mentor

2)   Dip your toe in and start exploring the Internet; type in Social Media and stand back for the onslaught of websites that will greet your eyes.

3)   Think of yourself as an adventurer, exploring unchartered territory, you may find destinations that intrigue you and want to explore further and others that are totally off course

4)   Be curious about how social media tools can expand your life. Learn about social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and there are a gazillion others! Ask someone in the know.

5)   Become knowledgeable about the risks associated with social networks; ask other experts, read the terms and conditions posted on the social media websites, and be thoughtful about the type of information that you post.

6)   Take the first step and open, for example, a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account.

7)   Learn about posting protocol, I had to hunt for this one. When you join a social network typically they give you a quick intro on how easy it is to post and link to others. What is often missing is a short course on how to post, posting etiquette and the type of information that may or may not be appropriate. To a large extent I have learned from trial and error. Who knew you were not suppose to hit the “return key” when posting a comment on Linkedin before you had finished your thoughts, and whoops wanted to retract something you said!

8)   Be patient with yourself but be persistent and have fun exploring our “techy” new world

So these are some of my ABC’s for starting my social media journey. What I have also learned is that social media is here to stay and is becoming an essential tool for businesses young and old, regardless of size. The social media world opens up so many possibilities and opportunities. 

Need help? Our team at  Impact People Practices is positioned well to guide you on your social media journey and help you discover the right tools to advance your business practices. If they can teach “this old dog new tricks” you can be sure they can help you develop your business.


Jan brings her extensive knowledge and over 25 years of experience in workplace health to People Impact Practices. She has worked with organizations large and small to develop healthy workplace practices that grow and strengthen people and organizational performance.

She has a talent for zoning in on key issues and for developing practical solutions for building organizational capacity. Jan applies her considerable skills as a consultant, coach and facilitator to assist individuals, teams and leaders enhance their physical, emotional and social health practices.  She is driven by a passion to assist individuals and organizations achieve their full potential

You can find her at @janmconsulting on Twitter