People Skills: Be & Perform Like a Ferrari

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In this day of fast paced connections, it’s smart to fine tune our people-skills to perform like a Ferrari.

We must be quickly aware of and adapt to conditions, select the right speed of interaction, and pick the right words to communicate — all with style. Quite a challenge! So let’s fast track it with quality components (knowledge) and then road test (practice) and maintain it with continued learning.Fast Track Knowledge for People-skills Performance

1. Make brevity effective not rude. Skip the emotionally inflaming phrases and speak with simple honesty.

2. Be confident in your knowledge and deliver it humbly. It’s easier to appreciate the knowledge and respect the person when arrogance is not fogging the view.

3.Influence don’t manipulate. Abandon questions like don’t you think and replace them with open-ended questions that produce true understanding.

4. Listen don’t label.  Labels build barriers; listening builds collaborative success.

5. Deliver results without running over people. What you ponder, you create. If you think of positive ways to succeed, your communication and people-skills will follow suit.

6.Express opinions as opinion, not as decrees. There is a time and place for certainty and a time and place to consider other possibilities. You earn great respect for being able to do both.

7. Opposing views can lead to new discoveries. Opposing each other leads nowhere. Where do you want to go?

8. Optimism and skepticism are healthy; pessimism is poison. An optimistic outlook and some protective skepticism lift all to tangible success. Pessimism drains the life out of everyone you touch. How do you want to touch others? Choose wisely.

See you on the highway to success as we handle the curves with ease and style!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™

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