The everyday leadership mindset that guides me

My Mission: Inspiring everyday leadership.

My Vision: Visible, positive impact through the actions of everyday leaders.

Being real. Showing up as ourselves at work and in life.


Can we just believe enough in ourselves to know we are enough? that EACH of us has so much unique brilliance inside to share and make a difference? When we put our ego and fear aside and dare to show up with all of our brilliance and imperfections, it leads to powerful human experiences. So let's be more authentic, more imperfect, more curious, more supportive, more encouraging – with ourselves and others around us. My greatest takeaway from the past few years of personal work (and maybe a little more wisdom as I age?) is this: If I can be the best version of myself possible, it brings out the best in others around me – at work, at home and with everyone I interact with. It's why you will hear me talk about our unique gifts and a unique path. It's why I say live your best life, not the best life.

We all have BUSY syndrome. We operate at an unsustainable pace. We are plugged in (literally and figuratively) with very little opportunity to be intentional in our movements and interactions. All around us we are encouraged to show results, return on investment, goals, success, metrics, and performance – even in our personal lives. And the addiction of social media pulls us to "demonstrate" our busyness. Let's talk about how to shift the conversation from pace to purpose. Let's jump off that hamster wheel to experience a more purposeful movement.

It has been my experience, from both an individual to senior corporate leadership level, actually helps us move nimbly, faster, smarter and more profitably in the long term.

We simply can't do it all. We sure try, and overwhelmingly one or several aspects of our lives suffer: stress levels, physical and mental health, relationships, work quality... you name it. It's awful to feel like you are in survival mode all the time, but I promise you it doesn't have to be that way.

Let's talk about what mindset and skillset we need to move more intentionally in our lives – and be leaders in this area for others.

Intentional Momentum

intentional momentum

Optimism and the power of POSSIBILITY


It's easy to feel hopeless in the face of negativity, or when things going sideways. Even on the best of days, the world around us seems to be imploding, from politics, climate, economic and social crises. In our workplaces we may feel stuck, or frustrated, or even unhappy with the actions or direction of others.

The question is in those moments, when those feelings of hopelessness and negativity come up, is often what do we DO with them? This much I know: We are unstoppable when we invest our heart, mind, and talent in a positive vision, person, task or cause.

We become resilient in the face of adversity, are able to maintain momentum no matter what, and we feel engaged and alive while doing it. We can't get there though if we have one foot out the door; if we have one finger pointed at someone else; or if we operate from ego, insecurity, or fear.

So let's switch gears and develop a deep knowing that it's all going to work out.  It's OK to get stuck, or get angry, or feel sorry for ourselves. Let's just not stay there too long.

When we work together here is what you can expect from me...

  • To work thoughtfully, creatively, and collaboratively with you and your team;

  • To create content that is the right fit for YOU;

  • Timely communication, attention to detail and on-time, on-budget delivery;

  • To anticipate needs and potential barriers, to resolve any tricky aspects that come up in a timely and professional manner;

  • To keep the big picture and the end-goal in focus.