Making an Impact – Daneal Charney

The Impact99 event is designed for leaders in Human Resources. This will be a hands on and full of energy event. There will be 99 innovative leaders will spend the day with Canada’s top business leaders and social media experts to learn, create and connect over the topic of HR 2.0

We’d like to give you the “unofficial” bio of our speakers, social media coaches and panelists.

Today, we introduce you to Daneal Charney who will be part of the Squamish event team Oct 6th.

Who you are (the official version)?

Daneal Charney’s clients call her the ‘Reframing Maven’. You want her in your corner when you need fresh ways to attract, develop, and keep the very best people.

Daneal is a passionate leader in the informal learning, social technology and open leadership space.  She has been featured in the Globe & Mail, Metro News and the Canadian Learning Journal. Daneal is an informal mentor to some of Canada’s most successful young leaders.  She is the co-author of “Hitting Stryde: A Gen Y Career Survival Guide”, providing young leaders with a practical guide to making a bigger contribution in their early career.

Who you are (the unofficial version)—3 things that are unique about you?

I have trouble containing my talents to a job box and prefer to work in environments that require integrated thinkers.

I believe I was Chinese in another life.  I’ve spent 2 years in China and found Mandarin a fun and easy language to pick up.

I believe it’s easy to be a philanthropist and enjoy finding ways to always appreciate what I have. This year I am building winter kits with my kids to give out to people who are homeless.

What are you passionate about?

Chocolate is my biggest passion and following that creating something new.  I love coming up with new ideas, programs, initiatives and it seems to come easy.

Tell us about your FIRST social media experience.

I got on LinkedIn about 7 years ago and it’s been love at first sight.  Next to chocolate, this is my 2nd addiction.

Leveraging Human Capital through Social Platforms: Your two cents…

The idea of being able to truly leverage human resources is BIG. Companies who have internal social networks are already doing a much better job of this.

I have been doing the same poll for years “Of all your time, talents, energy, what gets used at work”.  While managers respond between 60-90%, non-management employees range between 20-50%.  This is a dismal waste of people’s talents.

What social platforms do you regularly use, and why?

I use LinkedIn and Twitter to connect to new opportunities, great people and learn what ‘best practices’ are out there.


What Social Platform/Media/Software companies do you think are BRILLIANT and hot right now?

Rypple’s Loops stands out for me cause it solves the outdated performance management system in most organizations.

What are the top three people whose social media persona you admire and follow?  Why?

Change catalysts on work 2.0, leadership and social learning are going.  I learn lots from them!

  1. @simpletonbill
  2. @dpontefract
  3. @worldblu

When you think of HR (Human Resources) and Social Media, where does your brain go?

It goes nowhere…because most HR folks are spending too much time on why things can’t work and not enough on seeing the huge opportunity.

What are the biggest mistakes you see corporate leaders making with social media?

What are your thoughts about the role social media can play in “workplace engagement”?

Who was the best boss you ever had and why?

My best boss asked me if I was satisfied with my role from 1-10 every time we met.   Feedback is the fuel of successful organizations.

If you had a magic wand and a loudspeaker, what would be the one thing you would wish for to re-invent the workplace as we know it?

Can’t stop at one….

Performance Management – ways of sharing the good, bad and ugly every day

Learning – focus on the social and informal learning opportunities.  Make formal learning the exception to the rule.

Job Descriptions – only a guideline for clarification, not an end.  Don’t box talent in.

Why should people sign up for Impact99?

Forward thinking HR and C level decision makers will benefit the most!  The opportunity to learn from some of our local leaders all in one room about best practices and where others have failed will be invaluable.  The recruitment possibilities alone would make it worth your while!

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