The ABC's of Leadership- and social media lessons learned


Every day I become more firmly planted in the camp that believes social media and technology has the opportunity to help people think differently, collaborate in new ways, solve new problems, make money, expand networks and get to an answer faster. The above image is the summary of comments on a post this morning I made on the Impact People Practices Facebook page.

This morning, I posted the post to the right… Leadership ABC’s. Relatively simple, nothing special but my hope secretely was that by the end of the day we would have a cool little list of Leadership attributes, that several people would contribute to.

By lunchtime, new connection from a FB group Nicholas posted a little recap as to where we were at;

We had some good discussion going and what I had to chuckle at was how apparent it is that people’s online and offline leadership seems actually one and the same. Marcelle is ever the connector and enabler. Dillon gets going and is results oriented. Cory gets on and he keeps it light and funny. Melanie puts her thoughtful, genuine thoughts forward. Nicholas corralled us all and pulled the whole thing together. Cool stuff.

What today’s post showed me yet again is three things

1. Social media is “real time” collaboration

Not only would we have never achieved what we did over email, there is no way those brilliant people on the thread would ever HAVE connected on email- let alone taken the time to add their two cents.

2. Social media is about the brilliance of your network, not just you

I easily could have created a post entitled Leadership ABC and posted a word for each letter. The process of holding back and letting others around you create something that you plant the seed for… and the ability for fresh perspectives and thoughts to make their way out there… you can’t see that happen if you don’t trust that the team or group has the answers within them too.  Sometimes where you end up is not where you thought you would be when you finished, and that’s OK.

3. Collaboration creates deep relationship ties… and greater engagement

When people create together, they become not only invested in the process and the outcome, they become invested in each other. This morning this group of people didn’t have the connection they do this evening. Some of them knew others, but now they will forever have in common this tiny little ABC s of leadership in common. They may never look at it again, others may print it- but when they see someone’s name associated with it, there is a subconscious “raprochement” (closeness) that would not have existed before today. So what does that mean?

It means when you are creating together and collaborating, you tend to want to help your team succeed.. and in turn you want the members on your team to succeed.  You become invested in the process.. and in the people. THAT is engagement.

In a world where we are quickly learning to work differently, I find myself daily more and more at home in a collaborative, hierarchy free work environment- where people bring to the table an attitude of 1+1 makes 5 and add value not because they are paid, or told by their boss, but because they are invested in the process, or the discussion, or the project, or the brand, or the person.

If we can take some of these principles and apply this free-flow of ideas and enablement of collaboration and relationship building to companies and more traditional work environments, imagine what that could mean for customers and business results!

Here is the full list from today – with thanks to the Impact People Practices Page fans who contributed to it

The ABC’s of Leadership. A Leader is….

A = Authoritative, Authentic, Accountable

B = Brave

C = Caring, Curious, Collaborative

D = Disciplined, Delegates

E = Entertaining, Encouraging Environment

F = Friendly, Flexible

G = Genuine, Grateful

H = Humble

I = Innovative

J = Joyful

K = Knowledgeable, Karmic, Keen

L = Liaison, Level Headed, Lawful, Legitimate, Learned, Leading

M= Mindful, Magnanimous, Measured

N= Negotiate, Nice, Noble, Novel

O = Optimistic, Organized

P = Passionate, Promotional, Principled

Q = Questioning, Quick Thinking

R = Respectful, Reasonable, Ready , Reflective

S = Streamline(d), Sure of themselves

T = Tenacious

U= Understanding, Unaffected, Undaunted

V= Vital, Victorious

W= Wise, Winning, Witty

X = XMarksTheSpot, Xenogenetic

Y = YourTeam, Yearning

Z = Zealous

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  1. Gstroud1 on October 4, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    As part of a Leadership Vancouver Island Board, we recently had our 2011-2012 retreat.  One of the outstanding leadership qualities is C-Courage, that very element that is required when situation requires standing for ones belief and or be willing to stand out from the rest when leading self, leading others, leading community.