Meet another bright Impact People Intern


My name is Zeeshan Rasool and I am from Pakistan. Currently, I am a student at Quest University Canada planning to major in Social Media, Entrepreneurship and Business under Liberal Arts and Sciences degree. I just started this week with Impact People Practices as an intern for one of my Quest University experiential blocks.

My main area of expertise is graphics and web designing, social networks, online marketing and advertisement, and event/conference management. My journey in the digital world started with a simple logo design that I made for my soccer team in 2001. From there, I got into logo designing, web designing, short animations and later film making and editing.

 It was in my high school that I managed to organize one of the biggest all nation events; Roots Olympiad, comprised of film making, debates, photography to business plans, theatre and eating competition. Since 2008, I have organized various events and conferences on youth, leadership, competitions, and Model United Nations.

I love Socia Media. I  currently manage over 25 facebook pages and groups with approximately 15,000 people. I have made over 500 logos, 30 posters, 10 websites, and 3 database systems.

 In my opinion, social media and network is a low cost business, marketing, and entertainment platform. Social media and networks provide an infinite virtual world without any limitations, where prospects are more than concerns. For companies and individuals, with the right strategy and use, I can see social media becoming the most powerful business and engagement tool in the near future.

With Impact People Practices, I plan to do research in social media regarding its effective use for marketing and user engagement, and limitations. Additionally, how it can be effective in conference/event management and networking. 

Working under highly motivated, innovative and experienced Christine McLeod will not only enhance my leadership skills but also give me a head start to enter the professional world.

Looking forward to connecting with the Impact People Practices community!