25 reasons #impact99 is the coolest HR conference ever

#Innovation in HR

6 months ago, 2 HR Renegades Christine McLeod CHRP and Jeff Waldman had realization. There were a lot of HR conferences around and none were really pushing the envelope with fresh and innovative approaches. They created IMPACT99 a unique approach to bringing together top HR and Social Media thought leaders to talk about how to integrate SOCIAL into every aspect of the Employee Experience. After wrapping up the second sold out IMPACT99 event, Christine weighs in and talks about why she thinks Impact99 rocks.

Presenting…. the coolest HR conference ever

The only HR conference to make the entire day into a competition and award the first ever “HR TRAILBLAZER” medals to winners


Unique because using all technology available was not only encouraged, it was built into the entire day- balanced with in person connection


Because team challenges included things like design, shoot and upload 99 second Recruiting videos for fictitious companies (see all videos on the Impact99 Youtube channel)


Because from all angles we documented and shared the conference in real time- adding so much more depth to the big picture


Because we took the concept of speed dating and made learning fast, furious and highly engaging with the learning pods section

Because the coaches and “teachers” were not all from HR and in most cases were more like coaches and facilitator of peer to peer learning


Because we had real examples to learn from with Senior HR leaders like Jennifer Ricci from Kobo who shared their social media and social HR journeys- hiccups and all.


Because we had at least 3 generations of HR professionals in the room- all passionate about the possibilities of where the profession can go


Because we gamified learning on so many fronts and made it easy to take baby steps with social media

Because the day was more of a bootcamp and think tank than traditional “conference”

Because people were not afraid to tackle some BIG topics- like how HR can become much more social


Because there was a connectedness and engagement level like no other conference


Because even though we were “plugged in” we recognized the importance of being “present” in a stretch break sponsored by Proactive Movement.



Because Sidney Eve Matrix rocked the keynote in the morning.

Because every single one of our sponsors stepped up to the plate in a creative, ENGAGED way and added to the value proposition- didn’t just write a cheque. In this case, lunch became a contest to win based on a QR code activity


Because we know that people learn more by DOING and we made the time for lots of DOING


Because event organizers and hosts Christine and Jeff dared to dream big- and knew that bringing together 99 smart people in a room and creating the space for learning to happen- great things would emerge


Because there was no “breaking the ice”- in fact one attendee said “I feel as though I could go out and start a company with my team- I have that much connection with them already.. and faith we could do it”


Because whatever level of comfort people were at with the subject matter, they absolutely took to heart the opportunity to step it up


Because we threw strangers together at 8am and by 5pm awarded the first ever HR TRAILBLAZER trophy- the Stanley Cup of HR awards!


Because #TCHAT founder MeghanMBiro from Talent Culture was a great sport tweeting, coaching AND doing yoga!

Because when it comes to SOCIAL and HR, there is not ONE way to do it- and Marianne Crann from Rogers showed us that even large companies with thousands of employees can embrace a more social approach to their employee experience and employer brand


Because the opening message was about creating more engaged, connected workplaces with incredible leadership and talent development… not “implement these tools”- Impact People who will then Impact Results

Because Jordan Monaghan from Angle Media Group and his team filmed the whole day and edited a highlight video in record time to finish the day with. Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think about our unique model! 

Because now with your feedback and ideas we get to think about what it all looks like in 2012! Share your ideas and comments below on what you would like to see in 2012 with Impact99! think big and bold!

please note all photographs were taken by the talented JULIE MACCORMACK Photography. Thank you Julie!