Meet one of our new Impact People Practices interns

Muhammad Hassaan Rahim, Impact People Practices Intern

Coming from Pakistan three years back to Canada, I have not only come a long way in distance, but life itself. It has been one long journey full of opportunities and surprises, and finally I have learned the skills to cope up with them. Meeting Christine McLeod was one such opportunity that I fortunately grabbed through an email sent to me about an internship opportunity with Impact People Practices.

I am a fourth -year student here at Quest University Canada in Squamish. Studying liberal arts and sciences here at Quest with an inter-disciplinary approach to education has been very helpful satisfying some of the needs of my never ending curiosity. It was this curiosity that swayed me from becoming a doctor to doing something that I am passionate about. During this exploration, I discovered my passions revolved around media, communications, leadership, public relations, international relations, and event organization. Therein, I came up with the question, “How does the Media influences International Relations?” to focus the rest of my education on, whilst focusing my extra and co-curricular activities around leadership and event organization.

I have attended several leadership and youth organizations. I organized conference such as Roots Olympiad and Roots Model United Nations with over 600 participants which fostered personal and artistic growth in students. Moreover, I am a public relations officer for a registered NGO for which successfully managed to raise funds using social media campaign for the construction of a primary school.

Social Media always fascinated me in the ways it works and has evolved over the years, along with the amount of misinformation and skepticism there is about its usage. Working and initiating Quest University’s social media campaign in the last year has been a great learning experience for me. After an increasing number of applicants started reporting ‘Facebook, Zinch, Google ads and Unigo’ (Social media sites for universities and students) as their source of information for Quest, I knew it can work. Only in a few months our fan base for Facebook increased from a handful to around 700. This riled me up and was the spark I needed to go big and dive right into the vast ocean of social media with untapped resources and potentials, but not without the right sort of guidance and education which came through Christine McLeod.

Christine is incredibly resourceful with a very positive and futuristic outlook on work and life in general. Just an hour long brainstorming session with her was enough for me to comprehend her abilities as a mentor and passions in revolutionizing HR using social media to create a fun and engaged work place. Her abilities as a motivator and leader have inspired us to create to a general awareness about potential of social media beyond just Facebook to skeptics and non-believers. Under her guidance, myself and Zeeshan Rasool, an aspiring entrepreneur and web-designer, are working on organizing a conference on social media in an effort to turn skeptics into users and believers. Keep an eye on your social media sites, it will get to you!