Impact People


Ed Pitoniak is one of those leaders who inspires, who sees the brilliance in others and whose visionary style of communication helps align and challenge individuals to reach great heights. When I worked with him at Intrawest, he was one of those senior executives who was beyond passionate about PEOPLE. Intrawest in the ’90s had an incredible culture that revolved around people… and it is no nice to read this post from Ed who obvioulsy has carried that frame of mind with him in his career. (forward by Christine)

Ed’s post:

Christine has used a key word, the right word, a wonderful word in naming her company and her website. That word is “impact.”

And what’s especially wonderful is that she has paired that word “impact” with “people.”  The HR trade…the company culture trade…the people-practices trade very often gets so caught up in its own thinking that it ends up having little impact on the people that HR is meant to serve.

How often have you witnessed an HR or other executive leader put endless thought and energy into crafting the perfect leadership-development meeting agenda, the perfect PowerPoint deck, the perfect interactive exercise, but then spend way too little thought and energy asking if all this preparatory work has yielded any genuine impact?

Do people understand what they just heard?

Do they agree with and embrace what they just heard?

Will they go forth from this meeting or leadership-development or workshop session and do anything differently…and better?

Will the impact the program had on them have an impact on the organization and its business going forward?

Working with Christine a few years ago at Intrawest, I witnessed in Christine the kind of cultural leader who is not content simply to stage a great meeting or presentation.  She seeks impact.  I’m sure her blog and company will be impactful, because that’s simply the kind of leader she is.

Ed Pitoniak, Board Director & Comp Committee Chair, Ritchie Brothers (NYSE: RBA)