What HR needs to do differently- part 2


This is the second in a series of posts taken from fan and follower answers on the  The Impact Facebook fan page. You can read the 1st post here and these don’t have to be read in order.  A few days ago, we posted this question on the Impact Facebook page: What does HR need to do DIFFERENTLY given changes we are seeing in how people want to work and what type of workplaces they want to do that work in?

What follows are verbatim answers from Impact People Practices fans

Cathy Goddard: Improve Leadership listening skills

It is second nature for those strong people to think they have the answers and additionally, to believe they are right. But open your ears and listen…ask your staff for their ideas, insights, opinions and even more importantly, ask them how to implement and what it will do for the company. Then empower!!! When you do this, you chip away and remove the fear factor. And I said it once and will say it again, Storytelling. Share success stories of cultures that have created that openness and walk them through why it worked. Or just thump them over the head! 🙂

Kathleen M Keith: Replace Bureaucracy with Creativity

Of course my answer must be multi-layered but I’ll try to be brief… Sounds so trite—but companies large and small get pulled down that drain and I do mean it is a drain on talent! When I first went to work for McDonald’s (yes, that one!) as a real estate exec., they had a VP of Individuality…then Wall Street and internal bean counters got rid of him… Since then, I have been influenced by a man few people know. He’s the president of Pixar—Ed Catmull. He’s a huge part of the Studio’s success.

Here’s a few Ed-isms I embrace and think all business will succeed with their use and protection:

1) Hire people smarter than you….

2) Magic happens when you don’t operate out of fear…

3) Nurture talent and understand that people learn from mistakes –many times success hides problems…

4) Create a working environment that allows for camaraderie and fun…

5) Learn to listen to everyone ideas…from the receptionist to the janitor and don’t be afraid to let their talent reflect your culture and social sensibility.

About the authors of this post… taken verbatim from the http://var/www/vhosts/christinemcleod.ca/everydayleader.ca.facebook.com/impactpeople page

Cathy Goddard, Principal of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies

After starting, building and selling a successful employment agency (1995 – 2008), Cathy turned her focus to creating Lighthouse Visionary Strategies.  With this latest venture, she draws on her passion for small business to deliver tangible, collaborative solutions that make a difference.

Whether creating business strategies, facilitating workshops or pioneering a mentor network, Cathy brings unsurpassed enthusiasm, sound knowledge and focused delivery to her clients.

Kathleen M. Keith, CEO and Founder of Shasta Peak Marketing

Kathleen is a self professed serious cat herder and social media manager. She helps small businesses make a quick and profitable transition to all the benefits that come with a strategic social media strategy, using all manner of new media and relevant content/information that meets the customer’s needs. She is also a serious amateur photographer specializing in landscapes and nature.


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