Geoff Webb joins Impact 99

BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT 2011 for Impact99This post features Geoff Webb and he’s got a great message to share. 

Who you are (the official version)?

I am Geoff Webb and I am the owner and CEO of Radical Events.  We are a Recruitment and Social Media training/learning organization based out of Toronto, Canada.

Who you are (the unofficial version)—3 things that are unique about you?

Ah Three Unique things about me.  1) I like to Rockclimb but have yet to do so off a wall because conversely I am deathly afraid of heights 2) I was once held by the Secret Service on a visit to Washington (long story) and 3) I have served on the staff of two Canadian Prime Ministers (you can guess who).

What are you passionate about?

Well honestly I am most passionate about my family.  But beyond that I am passionate about community.  I believe that the larger the discussion the more value it brings to the community and therefore I love the scope and breadth of Social Media from a learning and community perspective.

Tell us about your FIRST social media experience.

OMG that was a long time ago, but I would have to say my earliest Social Media memories were the BBS days when I used to SysOp one of Canada’s largest BBS boards, and if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about I already dislike you.

Leveraging Human Capital through Social Platforms: Your two cents…

I think there is a great untapped potential to accelerate and explore the principles of engagement through internal Social Media platforms.  And I think the often undervalued portion of that is the social metrics that can be driven from these platforms via SNA (Social Network Analysis) and other tools.

What Social platforms do you regularly use, and why?

I’m a big user of Facebook because I firmly believe that it will come down to a battle between Facebook and Google for who reigns supreme in Social Media, but also because I love the versatility of the platform.  As well, I love Youtube because (ahem) they actually pay me and because people love the video platform and the retention rates for video media is off the charts.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m the most watched Youtuber in the HR/Recruitment space as well.

What Social Platform/Media/Software companies do you think are BRILLIANT and hot right now?

I think obviously Google+ is the big barking dog on the scene right now, however, I’m starting to see a real trend in the use of Location Based Services in a Social way and will be watching that trend with anticipation.

What are the top three people whose social media persona you admire and follow?  Why?

This is going to seem odd, but Wheezy Waiter, Phil DeFranco and Ray William Johnston because they get between 3-4million hits every time they produce a video, and that’s what I aspire to.

When you think of HR (Human Resources) and Social Media, where does your brain go?

Probably to a dark place because so far HR simply hasn’t gotten SM.  They like to shove it in the closet and we keep returning to the “How do I Twitter” conversation….I expected more from you HR type people.

How do you create the following?


Be the Community DJ


Be the Community DJ


Be the Community DJ

What are the biggest mistakes you see corporate laders making with social media?

Not being authentic … nuff said.

What are your thoughts about the role social media can play in “Workplace Engagement”?

See above

Who was the best boss you ever had and why?

Honestly I’m the best boss I ever had, probably because it’s the first time that I have been able to dive deep into my passions and also play with them.

If you had a magic wand and a loudspeaker, what would be the one thing you would wish for to re-invent the workplace as we know it?

Cafeterias – good god they make terrible food.

Why should people sign up for Impact99?

Because if you don’t, well…see question 8, don’t be that HR person