Making an impact- Heather Clifford @followimpact99

Impact99 is unique conference for senior HR leaders in Canada who want to leverage social technology in the workplace. Hands on and high energy, 99 innovative leaders will spend the day with Canada’s top business leaders and social media experts to learn, create and connect over the topic of HR 2.0

We’d like to give you the “unofficial” bio of our speakers, social media coaches and panelists.

Today, we introduce you to Heather Clifford who will be part of the Squamish event team Oct 6th. Heather is the founder of Keep it Simple Social Media servicing the lower mainland and Vancouver Island.


Three things that are unique about you

  • I love people
  • I prefer to laugh
  • Just me and you sitting together and talking stimulates fabulous “I never thought of that” ideas


What are you passionate about?

My fabulous huge Family and my crazy adventurous friends – sharing my life experiences with the world one post at a time.


Tell us about your FIRST social media experience.

No money for marketing – 2008 world economic crisis – Welcome Twestival Victoria 2008


Leveraging Human Capital through Social Platforms: Your two cents

An epiphany for tourism problems in Whistler – harnessing the thousands of young adults that leave their families and friends to work for a season in our beautiful resort. Permission based marketing with a little guidance and policy manuals. Team work, one goal!


What Social Platform/Media/Software companies do you think are BRILLIANT and hot right now?

  • Anything Apple
  • Social Media Examiner – Mashable – Social Media Today
  • Google Analytics – Twenty Feet – Google+


Three people whose social media persona you admire and follow?  Why?

  • Mari Smith – she is my coach – Always has her finger on the pulse
  • Jo Barnes – she is my coach – I really like her personality they are a fun team
  • My own girlfriends who are active on Social media, we support each other…Cathy Goddard, Christine McLeod, and Stef Hostetter


HR (Human Resources) and Social Media: where does your brain go?

Right to the goldmine of employees – education – make it fun and rewarding. Handling problems upfront.


How do you create Engagement, Community and Leadership?

•    ENGAGEMENT- Listening, Liking, sharing (caring)

•    COMMUNITY- volunteer – nothing beats face to face networking – you can see the smile!

•    LEADERSHIP- by example – relinquishing control


Biggest mistakes you see corporate leaders making with social media?

Sell, sell, sell… not creating meaningful conversation. Not involved at the root


Your thoughts about the role social media can play in “workplace engagement”?

Brain storming – every person is different, and with them comes their like minded following… Make concessions for social media at specific times.


Best boss you ever had and why?

Chrysalis Restaurants – Fun, team work, champagne


You now have a magic wand and a loudspeaker: what would be the one thing you would wish for to re-invent the workplace as we know it?

No cubicles… 5 minutes of laughter/dancing/massages


Why should people sign up for Impact99?

Because a lot of people are missing the point of social media and the value of their team members. Don’t be the last to find out!


Want to meet Heather in person? sign up for http://var/www/vhosts/ and grab one of the exclusive 99 spots to the HR leaders’ conference of the year!

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