Finding your voice- in life and at work


A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting my 15 month old grandson, Roudi. He had just started to say his first words and was so excited to try to communicate these with me. You could see the wonder in his eyes as he showed me his toys and was trying to voice their names. Everything is brand new in his eyes and it is a joy to behold and to watch him test out his new voice.

So this got me thinking of how often in life we find our “voice”. How life lessons have helped shape and fine – tune our voice.

We all have voices we love to listen to. Whether it is the voice of a loved one, a teacher, a friend, a singer, it is a sound that resonates with us. It could be voices that are so iconic to our culture and age. Voices that allow people to dream and realize a future. Who can’t recall President John F. Kennedy’s speech-“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” or Neil Armstrong’s ” One giant leap for mankind” or the ever popular Mr. Spock ” Live long and prosper”. All kidding aside, we all have the voices in our head that have personal meaning to us.  

While most of us may not be working in a place where we hear a President speaking or listen to a Man on the Moon, we do have the same opportunity to impart energy, confidence and hope to those around us. 

Throughout my working career, I have been extremely lucky to have worked with some amazing people. There were the strong voices that pointed you in the right direction while not overpowering you.

  • Coaching voices of people with experiences that they were willing to share.
  • Trusting voices that took you at your word.
  • Voices of compassion that held out their hand when it was needed.
  • The honest voices that pushed and sometimes pulled you to that next level.

The life lessons that I have learned  through these voices are treasured and priceless.

Now, please don’t think that i am not being realistic. There have also been the “other” voices in my career.  The insecure, spiteful and false voices. They also taught me meaningful lessons. Most importantly, remembering that I never wanted to speak in those voices. Voices that rob you of confidence and self- reliance. The Dark Side voices. (Bet you just thought of Darth Vader!!)  

I am proud that I like the sunny side of life. Seeing the best in people. Some of my favourite management moments are recalling other people successes. Knowing that you played a part in their success is the epitomy of a good management voice. That generous and wise voice we all strive to achieve.

So as I watch and listen to Roudi, gaining new words and confidence with his voice every day, it is a wonderful reminder to me that he is also intently listening to the message behind my voice.

Kimberly Tate is one of the life and career mentor/coaches working with Impact People Practices. To learn more about our coaching and mentoring packages, please contact us at or find us on twitter at @impactresults or Facebook at Impact People Practices. 

Kimberly comes to the Impact Team from a career in senior HR roles in Tourism and Luxury 5 star Hotel Operations. 

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  1. Sforbes on April 12, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    Great Observations! Unfortunately we do tend to remember the negative rather than the positive reinforcement. Nice to see the silver lining emphasized.