Then and now (a series) Part 2: JF

From 1996-1999 I managed a retail store in Whistler and we ALL grew together as leaders regardless of what our titles were in the store.  For this series, I reached out to as many of the 60+ employees that made up what I considered my “family” in Whistler. I look back at this picture and am in awe at the talent here, smiling as I think of these leaders today changing the world in their own way. I asked each of them one simple question: “What does EVERYDAY LEADERSHIP mean to you… and what if anything inspired that philosophy from your time working in Whistler at Can-Ski over 20 years ago?”

This is their individual stories… in their words.


JF Robino
Project Superintendant
EVR Fine Homes, Whistler BC
Leadership encompasses a lot of things but to me, daily leadership is respect. If you respect the people that look up to you, they will respect you in return. I find that this mutual feeling fosters a healthy, productive work environment with open communication channels. Keeping the crew and sub trades motivated through respectful behaviour helps complete projects on time and on budget.
Being only 18 years old and having just moved away from home when hired at Can Skin North, I sure learned a lot from my Supervisors and Manager.
One thing really stood out for me; Being taught how to deal with and learn from my mistakes. Everybody will make mistakes wether it be in your personal or professional life. How you face them and deal with them is what will set you apart. 20 years later, I’m still working oil it… I feel those early years at Can Ski North greatly shaped me for my professional life.