Christine's Christmas wish- using social media for good

“Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.”

John D. Rockefeller Jr.

I believe in the power of social media to connect people to stories, to inspire, to raise our collective consciousness.  I have experienced first-hand the power of an engaged network since launching my Facebook page 18 months ago and pledging to give $1 for each of the first 1000 fans to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, a charity close to my heart.

As an entrepreneur starting my business two years ago, I did not have any extra cash to spare and in fact wasn’t even paying myself at this point. Yet from day one, I felt an incredibly connectedness to my growing network and knew I wanted somehow to honor that relationship by showing that one “like” was not just the click of a button- it meant much more. It meant the beginning of a relationship with me, with Impact People Practices the growing network we were attracting. So every time I would hit another 100 fans, I would write a cheque for $100 to the charity.

“Getting close to that $1000 mark felt incredible and all of a sudden I realized that writing those cheques in the name of the fans of Impact People Practices was not something I wanted to stop”.- Christine

I decided to pick another charity to do the same thing- I would be donating $1000 in the name of fans #1001 to #2000 of the Impact People Practices facebook page to Playground Builders, a non- profit that to date has built 93 playgrounds for children in war torn countries of the Middle East.

I picked Playground Builders for three reasons

1. All donations go to the children: 100% of the contributions go to the playgrounds

2. Children are the leaders of the future: Having children of my own, and spending most of my waking hours thinking about leadership, I knew I wanted to work with a non-profit thatwould impact the lives of children not as fortunate as my own, and possibly allow a future leader to emerge because they were inspired and supported.

3. Shared Experience & Lessons learned: In 2005 I experienced what no parent would ever dream of experiencing- the death of our first child. That experience has defined me in  countless ways including who I am today as a business leader,  wife,  mother (of two subsequent incredible children) and as a person. I feel a sense of connection and empathy for mothers and communities who have had a tiny light extinguished all too early.. and nowhere is that more true than in war torn countries- where too often children are the casualties caught literally in the crossfire.

With that next 1000 coming quickly into reach, I saw an opportunity which I would like to share with you.

I started thinking- it costs $8,000 to build a whole playground… I wonder if the Impact People Practices social media community could rally together and make that a reality? Could it be possible that 10,000 twitter fans and several thousand Linkedin and Facebook fans who don’t know each other could rally together and create something, GIFT something… together?

Then I found out that Disney Club Penguin is matching donations to Playground Builders until Dec 31st 2011.  That means we only have to raise $4,000….. and to date, we are halfway there!

So here is my challenge- should you choose to accept it.

Make a difference with me.

Show the world, and your network that social media provides opportunities to connect, to share stories, to inspire at a deeper level than any other tool

DONATE BY CLICKING HERE and in the  drop down box marked FUND DESIGNATION click Impact People Practices.

Keith, the founder of Playground Builders has a dream that before the end of 2011 he will have built 100 playgrounds in the Middle East and provided the right to PLAY to thousands of children. My dream is smaller… yet incredibly big on another front. My dream and my Christmas wish is to raise the funds to build ONE Playground – and to do that with the thousands of incredible leaders in my network who I am so honoured to connect with on a daily basis.

They say strangers are just friends who haven’t met yet…. when it comes to social media …. that couldn’t be more true.

As my children grow up, I want them to see how on your own it’s sometimes hard to make a difference, but when you stand for something WITH a group of like minded people… there is NOTHING you can’t accomplish.

Let’s make some magic happen this holiday- for each other, and for some children a world away.


Christine McLeod, CHRP

Click the CANADA HELPS LOGO BELOW and donate in the name of Impact People Practices fund designation. 100% of your donation will go towards building a playground for children in a war torn country. When you have donated, leave a comment below so we can put faces and names to the amazing challenge we are rising to!



  1. Nora on November 27, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    What a wonderful opportunity to help others.  Thanks for making it so easy!

  2. Keith on November 29, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    Christine and all, your Playground will be a wonderful gift to children, their parents, their community, our world, our future.Big thanks.Keith