Christine tries something new! Live #Spreecast 1st time!

Have I mentioned how much I love the internet? 

I want to illustrate an example that could be me on any given day….. how EASY it is to learn something new, give it a try, get some support and then figure out how to use the tool in your day to day world (business or personal). 

After having a quick read, I would love to hear your comments!

Yesterday 9am– saw post on FB from someone in my network talking about being “LIVE” with @garyvee on Spreecast.

Yesterday 9.05am– logged into Spreecast with my FB and “joined” this live conversation.. with several hundred other people

Yesterday 9.10am– fascinated that it felt like we were just “hanging out” with Gary in his office– met his assistants, he was talking to the audience via chat, tweets are flying, he brought people on camera

Yesterday 9.30am– My brain is now buzzing thinking about applications for our Impact99 conferences.. as we continually push the ability for attendees and potential attendees to experience new tools

Yesterday 9.40am– playing around with the buttons- able to tweet live, comment and post on facebook, post to linkedin, email… and more

Yesterday 11.30am- unexpected but nice to hear back from Shawn from Spreecast via Twitter



Yesterday afternoon- back and forth, left it that he would contact me and we could do a little demo to answer questions about how I could leverage it to engage not only for I99 conference but with my team, inside organizations etc..

Today 11.30am- Skype contact request from Shawn and convo started on skype chat 


Today 11.45-12.15am– chatting on skype asking questions and bantering… when we realized we should be having this conversation “live” on Spreecast as others might have some of the same questions as me! Shawn popped over an email invite to a private spreecast (just he and I, not viewable to the public) but after a minute or so we decided to start again with a public one so that I could share the learning with others. Here is what I got in my email


Today 12.30pm- jumped on, easy as anything, I got prompted by the screen to accept to be on camera and to adjust a few settings, very simple instructions to follow… and all of a sudden… there I was !

Today 1.20pm- I am blogging about my experience, sharing my learning in REAL TIME with my network and THAT is what I am so fascinated about with the Internet and social networking.

When you get curious, and dive down the rabbit holes and make the effort to find answers, you find all around you people who are supportive, keen, authentic and ready to help. So here it is… less than 24 hours after discovering the tool… my first LIVE Spreecast! Whohoooo!

After having done a brief demo, I can say for certain this is a VERY user friendly platform, you DON’t have to be a social media ninja to be part of it, you don’t even have to be on twitter or facebook.

I like that you can bring multiple people into the conversation, as “moderator” your control panel is really simple yet robust… and …. well, it’s SOCIAL as an experience.

Stay tuned for how Impact People Practices and Impact99 play with this platform….hmmm.. am thinking during Impact99 Toronto we could be doing a spreecast with the rest of the world and same

Have you used Spreecast yet? What applications can you see it being amazing for? Would love to see your questions and comments below!


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  1. Angela on February 16, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    This is great information!!  I am so excited to also “try something new” today!!
    Thank you for sharing!!