Challenge… by choice

Jen Segger is one of Canada’s top adventure athletes. She is  an incredible coach, an entrepreneur and happens to be a good friend as well. She has achieved more in her life to date from a challenge standpoint than most of us would dream in about in a lifetime.

Last fall Jen did something that had never been done; She started at the Northern tip of Vancouver Island and 750km (and only 96 hrs later) she ran into Victoria. Jen ran and biked to showcase the beauty of the place we live, to inspire young women to reach for their dreams and  through this journey showed us all that true leadership comes from within… having the courage to dream big, and make the impossible happen.

Over americanos, Jen and I have spent lots of time talking about leadership and what it means to lead from “within”. From within yourself, having the courage to step forward and push a boundary, step out of a comfort zone, disagree with “the herd”, BELIEVE that you are capable . Holding yourself to a higher standard than others hold you to. The message is so powerful, we have decided to team up for a motivational speaking session called “The Leader Within“.  This session taps into the connection between a person’s potential at work and outside of work…. and addresses an important shift that organizations need to tap into.

More and more, the lines are blurry between work, play and home. Whereas even 5 years ago companies were not inclined to think of the employee’s physical, mental and spiritual self to be within their scope of responsibility, more and more innovative companies are taking “health and wellness” to new heights.

A fit, happy, confident, inspired person outside of work is much more likely to operate at a higher level WITHIN the work environment. Watch for some great things to come!

I invite you to find out more about Jen the coach, athlete and speaker on her website http://var/www/vhosts/