I feel incredibly lucky to be part of several different COMMUNITIES. There is of course the community I live in, the communities I network with, work with and play with. Communities of peers, colleagues, professionals. Online communities; In-person communities.

There is brilliance within each of us and when we become part of something larger than ourselves where we feel safe to innovate, stretch, create, question, support and grow, the possibility of that brilliance emerging exponentially grows.

This post puts into words what I believe about the communities I am part of.

I invite you to  add some adjectives by commenting on the blog post! There is no right answer, just some cool ideas to reflect on!

My wish for you is that every one of you experiences the possibilities that emerge when you create or become part of a COMMUNITY that exhibits these characteristics.

C: Caring; Candid; Clever; Connected; Creative;Curious

O:  Observant; Open-minded; Open-minded; Outspoken

M: Magical; Magnetic; Mannerly;

M: Many; Marvelous; Mindful;

U: Uncanny; United; Uplifting; Up & Coming

N: Navigable; Neighborly; Nimble; Noteworthy; Nurturing

I : Interesting; Innovative; Important; Inspirational; Irresistable;

T: Talented; Trusting; Trustworthy; Tolerant


What does your community look like? What have you experienced feeling connected to something larger than yourself?

I would love to know your thoughts


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  1. Dreamosity on November 12, 2011 at 8:40 am

    I love that you used curious in C! I would add Charming, Classy, Courageous and Committed. 

    I love that you used Up and Coming for U! So clever! 

    Well done — I know my all my communities are so valuable, some for a season, some for a lifetime — all of them I am grateful for.