In their words...

December 2017 I met Christine just six short months ago at a Squamish ‘Mothers in Business’ event and just as I feel so fortunate that there are Squamish leaders creating space for women to meet, support and grow together, I am forever grateful to have met Christine when I did. At the time, this past summer, I had so much passion, drive and many ideas I wanted to run with but had no idea where to start and to be honest was completely overwhelmed and allowed fear to hold me back in many ways.

The day after we met Christine came to my house and we sat on my back deck and chatted for hours. She is just one of those people that you meet and feel like you’ve known your whole life! The level of comfort and safety I felt in sharing my hopes and dreams with her came to quite a surprise after having just met her the day before. She has a very genuine and unique way of listening, paired with her loving and accepting body language, that just made me feel so comforted and open to being vulnerable. I feel like I shared more with her about my life and what got me to where I am than I have with some of my closest friends.
We continued to work together and in what we once just a mountain of ideas such as starting my own Day Camp program and leadership development groups, became a ‘dream come true’ reality!!
Through her services and guidance, a few of the benefits she offered me were:
  • A platform to share my ideas
  • A safe place to express my fears and concerns around my business objectives
  • Knowledge based perspective on where to begin and how to set my goals in an achievable and manageable way
  • An environment to formulate and categorize my passions so that I stayed true to my heart
  • Extremely valuable connections in the community
  • And much more!
To say I gained a mentor would be an understatement!! I gained a role model, a friend, developed an ever so important sisterhood and importantly, a professional connection! Being thankful is just the beginning in expressing how much I value my relationship with Christine.
Whether you are already a successful business owner,
 just starting up, are stuck in a place in your life where you know you want ‘something more’ but just not sure how to get there or whether you just actually don’t have a clue at all, Christine is your ticket to unlocking your inner desire! She is one of the most well-rounded, professional and successful women I have ever met, she will help you get to  wherever you need to go! All you need to do is sit down with her once and your life will be changed for the better.
I wish everybody had a Christine in their life!!
Vanessa Doak, Founder
Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds