Aligning Corporate and Employee Branding- IKEA nails it


You’ve probably seen or heard about the IKEA recruitment video on YouTube.  It’s making the rounds.  Thomas Otter, Research Vice President with Gartner Research, blogged about it recently and I liked what he had to say.  Now- what do YOU think?   ~Christine

Aligning corporate and employee branding makes sense.

by Thomas Otter | January 4, 2012 |

 I stumbled on this brilliant video today (hat tip to @williamtincup).

 Click on the link and then head back here.

This is one of the better examples of linking corporate and employee branding for recruitment I have seen.

  • Low cost
  • Innovative
  • Targeted
  • Measured (note the stats at the end).

It cleverly reinforces the corporate and the employee brand. I wrote a note several years ago now (client link here) where I stressed the need for organizations to get marketing and HR to work more closely together on recruitment branding. This is probably the best example I have seen of a company doing that. Ping me others that you have seen, please.

A clever play like this does put pressure on the rest of the recruitment process. Make sure you have good, solid administrative processes in place to process the applications effectively.

My colleague, Michael Maoz, has been critical of those that try to do Social CRM without getting the rest of their CRM in order. The same goes for recruitment. If you target your customer channel for recruiting, make sure you give them prompt, polite and top notch service, especially if you don’t end up hiring them. Applying for a job is a big step for most people, so treat that step with respect. If you mess someone around in the recruitment process, the chances of you keeping them as a customer are next to zero.

Continuing this theme, a Belgian cartoonist, Canary Pete has a lovely take on the next stage of the IKEA hiring process.


  Thomas Otter is a research vice president at Gartner Research.  He covers Human Capital Management (HCM) trends and technologies, including core HR, payroll, talent management and and workforce analytics.