5 ways to slow down… so you can speed up.

Sometimes you need to slow down to go fast. This past weekend wasn’t a slow down, it was even more than that. I pressed “PAUSE” on life and spent some of the most valuable time I have in ages.

The location was spectacular- the company was incredible. I went away with my two sister-in laws and my mother-in law to a Spa. What was different about other weekends away though, is I went INTO the weekend setting intentions.

My intentions as I sat in my car and waited for the ferry to join them were as follows;

Be Present. Reflect. Spend time alone. Write. Notice the little signs around you. Laugh with abandon. Think big. As big as your imagination lets you. Focus on what feels right to. Allow your creative thoughts to go to work, without worrying about anything that could hinder them.

Lots of “intentions”, yet I succeeded in honoring each of those intentions because I believe I did the following 5 things

1. I unplugged from all things technical. Didn’t have phone, email, laptop or internet

2. I set an intention for the time I had. I paused and wrote it down, checked in

3. I spent time alone; walking, reading, writing, lying still, letting my brain do its thing but happy to be alone in my thoughts for chunks of the weekend

4. I connected the dots. I thought about one opportunity, or challenge and inevitably connected it to something bigger, or broader and eventually got to the true idea.

5. I had people to talk to as a sounding board. As much as I spent time alone, I also had wonderful, non judgemental sounding boards around me to share my thoughts with.

What I do is so small compared to “who I AM”. A mum, a wife, an entrepreneur, a leader, a friend, sibling, daughter, coach….. and that doesn’t count all the ways I “show up” in life every day for all those roles.

Taking time to pause, to spend time alone with your thoughts, to write and reflect…. it’s not something easy to do in our hectic lives. Yet this weekend was proof that when you CAN truly do those things for a good length of time, the benefits are incredible. I am now  more fired up, more focused, more connected, more grounded, more sure of the path ahead.

So my wish for you this month is to schedule some time alone with yourselves, in an inspiring place, for 24 hrs at LEAST. With a pen, and paper… and whatever else you need to let your mind go where it needs to. Watch and see the BRILLIANCE within emerge!