25 Social Media tips from and for small biz

Leadership is not about knowing all the answers. Sometimes creating the SPACE for learning to happen is leadership enough. When 30 Squamish business leaders got together a little while back to give each other social media tips, here is what came up.

1. Contribute don’t spam.

Whichever social media you use the goal is to not solely promote yourself, but rather to create a cultural exchange within your list of connections. It’s the conversation with your network that you create that will attract more followers, so be creative – Eric

2. Post regularly to enhance your visibility- Eric

3. Put your social media urls and/or icons on your email signature, your website, your business cards. People will look for them and you will get more eyeballs onto your sites- Christine

4. Be authentic

Think of your audience- think 80% value, 20% sell….. people want to get a sense of the person behind the business so OK to post thoughts, comments, stories or questions not related to your business- Christine

5. Get conversations going

Interactions BETWEEN your fans are huge- create the space for them to do just that! THEN you know you are on your way to a tight community!- Christine

6. Use twitter to find influencers in your field

7. Create categories and lists of people you follow. This is a great tool for keeping your network organized – Eric

8. Twitter- 101

  • Step 1: type them in the SEARCH bar and start following people… look at what they post and over time you will see what works well and what doesn’t.
  • Step 2: Learn where the RETWEET button is
  • STEP 3: post your own content

9. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are two platforms that allow you to manage multiple accounts and see the messages directed at you- Christine

10.E-mail lists— the most basic CRM you can do to connect with your customers via e-newsletters. The more info you can capture the better – Eric

11.E-newsletters are great. You can track who’s opened, how many times they’ve opened, and links within the letter that they’ve clicked on. This info is great for targeting leads – Eric

12.Photos rock: Create albums of products, give people a sense of your business. Photos speak more than 1000 words. Ask your close friends to share via a personal message- Eric

13. Tag friends and pages that may be biz relevant by adding @ before the name –

14. Build a blog: If you have a website this is a great way to increase web traffic. Contributing to the web is part of what the Web 2.0 movement is all about. If you follow blogs that are within your industry you can usually comment, and have your comments link back to your site or blog- Eric

15. ADD VALUE to the group and channels you are part of- Christine

16.  Create a custom FaceBook url once you have 25 friends (personal page) or fans (business page) to make it easy to send the link to your page. You can only choose the name ONCE so do it carefully! http://var/www/vhosts/christinemcleod.ca/everydayleader.ca.facebook.com/usernames-  Christine

17. Customize each of the little TABS on your facebook page. You can either create tabs that link to your blog, twitter, linkedin.. or custom what we call “landing pages” which require some coding- Christine

18. Start as you mean to go on– decide if you want to keep personal and business separate (in terms of what you post or who you connect with) on FB; Best practice is to create a Business PAGE and have a PERSONAL profile. There are ways for both to leverage each other, but that is once you get going! – Christine

19.Facebook engagement is KING– Just because you POST on your Facebook business wall, doesn’t mean your facebook fans will see it. In fact only 3-5% of what you post will get seen. The more a fan interacts with your page (“like”, comment, writes on wall) the more they will see your post. So it’s ALL about engagement- don’t just get eyeballs on your page, write compelling content so people will COMMENT on it! – Christine

20.Set up your accounts in your own name, not your employees: You cannot transfer a Facebook business page to another user… so make sure you are not letting a frontline staff set up your account who may not be with you long term!- Christine

25.Analytics: Google alerts– if you have a google account enter keywords into their alert program. This way you can be updated when internet articles that you may be able to comment on pop up- Eric


Know when to call in the experts. Depending on time, budget, ineterest and expertise you have, know when it’s time to spend money and hire either a social media coach, or social media strategy team or online branding/marketing team. Sometimes you need to prioritize… and also spend money to make money- Christine






  1. Sukhraj Beasla on June 30, 2011 at 7:03 am

    These are easy simple rules for any business to follow. I love it. They are broken down clearly and make sense. Thanks for sharing! 

    • Anonymous on June 30, 2011 at 9:27 pm

      so very welcome!

  2. Diane Mitchell on October 25, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    Great advice, thanks.  I signed up for Tweetdeck (as I now have my new Twitter and LinkedIn accounts!).  Tried to add my LinkedIn profile to my FB page but gave up as I couldn’t get it working.  

  3. Penny on November 11, 2011 at 3:31 am

    Loving these social media tips!!!!! Thanks for this valuable information!!!