"Everyday leaders" are the ones that


I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?

"I change myself, I change the world." – Gloria Anzuldua

What you will hear me say: "Live YOUR best life. Be the best version of YOU possible."


I challenge you between now and end of 2018 to take the first step (and the second) to discover and learn all you can about your leadership style, your skillset and your leadership mindset!


A question all leaders should ask more often:

What is it TIME for?

Ask yourself: Which leadership skillset or what leadership mindset do I need to access in this moment to best serve the person, team or situation in front of me?

Do I need to:










Leadership is part magic and part logic. The skillset is the logic piece, the things you know how to do as a leader. The leadership mindset is the magic piece. Reading a situation and intuitively knowing the answer to that powerful question "What is it time for?" is what will set you apart from the rest.


From leaders I work with.... in their words

I have personally witnessed the impact of the leadership series Christine has designed with the District (of Squamish). Each session, our leaders leave energized, with new skills and a palpable desire to up their leadership practice. We are on our way to developing a culture of leadership at all levels thanks in large part to Christine’s excellent work."

Linda Glenday – CAO


Christine has had an impact on all leadership levels within the Canucks. She has educated and equipped new leaders with the necessary skills to be successful, while inspiring and providing new thinking to the more experienced leaders. She has done so in a practical coaching manner, parallel with our existing culture."

Jeff Stipec – Chief Operating Officer


I have known Christine for over 20 years and in working with her have seen her demonstrate firsthand the leadership skills she now helps develop in others. Christine's passion for creating high performing teams combined with her resort and retail operational experience create a powerful combination in her leadership training."

Todd Friesen – VP Retail Rental Division


What if I told you that you held the key to unlock your leadership potential?

What if you could wake up every day feeling a sense of deep purpose and personal power?

What if I told you that you could truly change the world around you?

What if I told you you could help others at work, at home and in your community – and feel amazing doing it?

Which one of these resonates?

Do you

Often get stuck?

Believe you are not leadership material?

Feel hopeless in the face of current challenges?

Feel as if the universe conspires against you?

Do you

Have an insatiable desire to dream, create, serve others, tackle the messy parts, hope, inspire, change, build, connect and make an impact?

Want to make a difference every day for your family, loved ones, school, workplace, community and outwards... for the world?

Know that change starts with you?

Let's change the world because, as everyday leaders, we can!

Where shall we start?