4 Tools that changed how I work

Media and Technology has transformed HOW I work, not to mention the kind of work I do. It is new within 18-24 months for me, actually every single tool here is new within that timeframe for me and now it’s the new NORMAL for me and my company Impact People Practices.

Here are 5 things that have made me more productive and more connected. My hope is that you will leave this post inspired to try one of them if you haven’t already or comment below with YOUR favourite new tools

Skype: Not to stay in touch with grandparents

I now use Skype more than my cell phone. When I meet someone and we are connecting online we  exchange skype user names. I don’t use the video calling much, but all day long I skype chat with  people to move projects or initiatives forward. You can share files, links and add people to the conversation threads. You can lok back on your conversations up to 6 months ago. Brilliant.

Facebook Groups: My tribe

The new Facebook Groups are not only a way to join a core network, but they are a      collaboration space, a resource go-to and a support group all in one. The 10-12 groups I am part  of are 110% relevant to the way I work and what I work on, add huge value, save me time and give me valuable knowledge. Don’t know about something ? want to find out more about something? I go to my XYZ FB group and ask them. Need a sounding board? an honest opinion? Groups are great and part of my workday

Hootsuite: Sorting Data for better focus

I use Hootsuite to stay on top of conversations and relevant connections across several mediums  with several keywords and with several people I follow. Twitter can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t sort your conversations and data – with Hootsuite, if I can stay on top of my various lists and keywords AND I can also post to different social media channels very easily all from one place.

Basecamp and 37 Signals:  Real Time Collaboration

I work on countless things at once. I work with clients and my team virtually and more and more  I am finding email very cumbersome. I use Basecamp from 37signals for real time collaboration-  with clients and sub contractors and other people I work with. We all access the same tools, conversation threads and that visibility helps us move faster, in a more informed way, with greater buy in, with less mistakes, more creatively. I can create to-do lists, we can assign tasks to each other, message each other, upload files, track time and I can assign permissions by projects or part of projects . Currently I am working on a time sensitive project with a graphic designer and two clients in Edmonton and about 90% of our communication is happening in real time on Basecamp.

And then all the others…

I could  go on with another half dozen tools that each day I get exposed to like Jing and Dropbox  and Google Docs and Twylah and Paper.li and Xobni not to mention the social media platforms I  use, but I will stop here for today because truly the four I mentioned are the ones that have TRANSFORMED how I work and have allowed me to trascend time, space and traditional “hierarchy” to be more relevant, more informed, more creative, more collaborative….. and it’s paying off big time in the richness of opportunities I am uncovering, and the people I am meeting!

My invitation to you is to tweak your curious muscle, and dive into a new tool today- and if you don’t know which one to take for a test drive, ask your network…. in person or virtual.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.



  1. Bobbi Jo Woods on June 29, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Hi Christine!

    Nice to find your blog from the CoWorking group on Facebook.  I agree that Skype is not for the Senior Set.  Though my mom does have it and all she needs now is a webcam…she has plenty of friends who are snowbirds that she wants to chat with for free and they insist on face-to-face convos!  I’ll probably be helping her hook up a cam this fall.

    • Anonymous on June 30, 2011 at 5:43 am

      Skype is fabulous day to day AND as I am the proud new owner of a MAC now I
      have been using FACETIME for Apple products which has zero delay… SO good.
      Skype has chat though, and the ability to share screens and share files…
      so still tops for work.

  2. Anonymous on June 30, 2011 at 4:06 am

    Hello from CoWorking! Great tips. I agree about the facebook groups. 🙂