Personality Profile Workshop

Hoping for a quick win and a boost to individual and team effectiveness? 

Allow your team to dive into their behaviour priorities and tendencies. Armed with a better understanding of who they are, why they behave a certain way and what makes THEM tick, they become much more effective leaders! By understanding the styles of their colleagues they will be better equipped to adapt to colleagues' (and clients') communication preferences.


  • Discovery meeting with client to better understand current team dynamics and priorities that lie ahead;
  • Co-ordination of DiSC assessments a week prior to workshop with DiSC Canada;
  • Workshop can be 1/2 day or full day;
  • Multiple interactive exercises and discussions to better understand each DiSC style;
  • Exploration of how each style approaches relationships, data, conflict, communication, recognition and more;
  • Data sorting visually of that particular group to see what they learn about themselves;
  • Up to 40 participants.



  • Travel costs associated with workshop;
  • Food and refreshments for participants;
  • Workshop space rental;
  • DiSC Assessments ($125.00 pp);
  • Additional group reports (about $200 each);
  • Flip charts, audio visual, printing needs.


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About DISC

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The DiSC Model breaks down into four primary styles:

D Styles tend to get immediate results, take action and accept challenges. They are motivated by challenges, power, authority, and direct answers. With Ds, you will notice that they’re self-confident and decisive.

i Style tends to seek involvement with people. They are motivated by social recognition, group activities and relationships. You will notice that they’re enthusiastic, charming and sociable.

S Styles tends to show patience and loyalty along with being a good listener; Ss are motivated by stability and co-operation. You will notice Ss are patient and calm, tend to take a methodical approach, and have a desire for teamwork.

C Styles aims to ensure quality and accuracy. They tend to focus on standards and details. Cs are motivated by clear performance expectations and their quality/accuracy being valued. You will notice that Cs are cautious, precise and reserved.  

*Please contact Christine to discuss special pricing for small teams less than 10 participants.

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