99 Reasons impact99 makes sense for HR

99 days ago, a vision was born. To gather 99 senior HR executives in one place, for one day with some of North America’s top Social Media experts… and see what could happen. IMPACT99 promises to be not just an event but a groundbreaking collaboration and ground shaker for Canadian HR.

Today, we invite you to meet some of our Presenters, Coaches and Founders as we give you 99 good reasons you will want to grab one of the limited seats to either the

Oct 6th or Nov 7th 2011 event

99. Because Human Resources is changing and you should be keeping up

98. Because Ryan, Founder of BeKnown and Impact99 Coach believes you can change the world with 2 words. YOUR NAME.






97. Because it’s ONE day that will yield a BIG return for you.

96. Because it’s a way for 99 leaders to turn around and impact 999 in their organizations

95. Because Kemp from Hootsuite and will be hosting a panel of CEOs and HR execs at the Squamish event on Social HR





94. Because Co-Founders Christine and Jeff have a bet going as to which event will sell out first

93. Because this 1 day conference is the beginning of a much bigger vision. Do you want in?

92. Because you get to use your smart phone and laptop and BE the learning.

91. Because CEOs like @glennhilton believe in the value of more social workplaces… does your CEO?







90. Because 3 people just registered while you were reading. We DID say only 99 spots right?

89. Because Social in the workplace is much much bigger than Facebook at work.

88. Because raising your digital IQ and organizational engagement.. is your new reality

87. Because Co-Founder Christine has a big vision and hopes you will help make it a reality





86. Because how we collect and share and process information has changed. HR needs to adapt.

85. Because each of our social media gurus is here to help YOU succeed

84. Because @laurenfriese can school us all on GenY and the world of Social Recruiting






83. Because who do you think is deciding how great your employer brand is? not you!

82. Because Human Resources can be both more Human and more Resourceful

80. Because 80% of people in the workplace are not engaged in their jobs

79. Because we want to show you what is POSSIBLE when you put 99 smart people in a room

78. Because you have a generation coming into the workplace that doesn’t use email. They text.

77. Because you don’t have to be a social media guru, but you should know some

76. Because @jenniferricci is an HR Trailblazer and will share her experiences with you

75. Because another 3 people just registered…
you ARE paying attention right? ONLY 99 spots

74. Because you have an opportunity to facilitate work flow and communication with your team

73. Because @tribehr is an example of HR of the Future.. and they are sharing their story






72. Because if you did nothing but follow these twitter accounts you would rock it.

71. Because by signing up for one of the 99 spots though, you get to MEET the twitter accounts

70. Because @dreamosity Marcelle Allen is coming all the way up from California for this





69. Because wouldn’t it be cool to be able to influence your Employer Brand?

68. Because this is a day for you to work ON the business, not IN the business

67. Because the best training for Leadership IS Leadership. Same goes for Social Media experience

66. Because @shanegibson is one of BC’s best keynoters and social media strategists…and he is OUR keynoter!







65. Because @jeffwaldmanHR Co-Founder of Impact99 is going to sing. Well, no, not really…. maybe if Christine wins the bet






64. Because it’s only $299.00 and the value equation here is a no brainer. We think the ROI is priceless actually. 🙂

63. Because it’s completely OK to not be Social Media savvy as an HR professional, but not OK not to exercise your curious muscle

62. Because it would be SO great to see HR sitting at the Strategy table when it comes to brand conversations

61. Because @sidneyeve Professor at Queen’s University is going to shift some paradigms in her opening Keynote







60. OK. Pause. Breathe. Now go register at http://var/www/vhosts/christinemcleod.ca/everydayleader.ca.impact99.ca to reserve your spot. Great, now keep reading

59. Because WHO we are at @work, @home and @play is becoming more intertwined. It’s a new reality

58. Because HR is not about “processes” or life cycles of FTE’s. It’s about PEOPLE and the phases they move through with us

57. Because @cadijordan is the Queen of Jordan Consulting and don’t you just want to meet her with a title like that?






56. Because @ddebow CEO Dan Debow from Rypple.com is reinventing how we collaborate, recognize and communicate at work






55. Because we want to make it easy for you to digest the sea and mountains of information out there… to work for YOU

54. Because another person just registered… or was that you? http://var/www/vhosts/christinemcleod.ca/everydayleader.ca.impact99.ca

53. Because we have the Stanley Cup of Social Media and HR. We aren’t kidding. Winners get their names engraved on it

52. Because there are tools out there and solutions for you to be able to make your company stories come alive to the world

53. Because the President of Vancouver Social Media Club @mitchbaldwin will be coaching one of 10 Impact99 teams!





52. Because you will be surrounded by 99 of Canada’s top HR Leaders from every industry imaginable & all learn together

51. Because when you register you get $9.99 back for every referral that registers- you could end up coming for free!

50. Because spending a day with us will get your brain cells firing and your creative side flowing

51. Because @dcharney Danael Charney the Re-framing Maven and Gen Y speaker is tying it all together for you






50. Because you don’t have time to wade through what you need to know… or who to learn it from. We do that for you

49. Because we know you will walk away with at LEAST 20 new implementable ideas… and 20+ amazing connections

48. Because @tlchome Teri Conrad will give you the A-Z on Social Media Strategy.. and more





47. Because Facebook isn’t your teenage son’s playground. It’s a BUSINESS playground full of opportunity

46. Because we think you want to stand out from the HR crowd

45. Because a few more spots just got snapped up… http://var/www/vhosts/christinemcleod.ca/everydayleader.ca.impact99.ca get on it!

44. Because with 99 HR and Leadership brains in 2 cities of Canada talking #Social Media and #HR we can move the dial

43. Because Professionals like @whistlerheather Heather Clifford have left professional careers to become Social Media Coaches






42. Because your employees (current and future) will thank you for attending http://var/www/vhosts/christinemcleod.ca/everydayleader.ca.impact99.ca

41. Because each social media platform out there has an application for HR… and you’ll be able to make sense of that

42. Because WHO we ARE is so much bigger than WHAT we DO- and we need to realize that about our employees & culture

41. Because it’s never been done before to have all these Social Media gurus spend a day hanging with Senior HR execs

40. Because with coaches like @athenadAmato you will get inspired at the possibilities video and youtube bring to HR





39. Because we don’t have all the answers… we believe they lie inside YOU. We are here to help them emerge

38. Because in organizations and in social media the golden egg is COMMUNITY and @rochlatinsky knows that






37. Because Mobile phones and technology is the single biggest opportunity we should be exploring to reach and connect in HR

36. Because we no longer work in a world where the person with title of MANAGER has the best answers

35. Because too many processes in HR can be done differently now for you not to explore that (ie. annual employee survey)

34. Because it’s going to be FUN… AND you will learn stuff AND you will meet amazing resources that you stay connected to

33. Because leaders like @lu_christine understand how entrepreneurial Gen Y is and how we can leverage that





32. Because Jeff and Christine are living proof that social media doesn’t replace in person connection but can greatly enhance it

31. Because we have an opportunity to show the WORLD that CANADIAN workplaces are led by Innovative executives

30. Because @meghanmbiro Founder of Talent Culture & one of Canada’s top HR women to watch is hosting our executive panel






29. Because figuring out what your Employer Brand is all about and finding those perfect fits for it is the #1 for R.O.I

28. Because we are wondering if Canadian HR is ready to take the leap to #social workplaces and you can help prove our theory

27. Because we think we can take Impact99 on a road trip accross Canada next year and you might be a speaker!

26. Because what if we could create a place that senior HR leaders like yourself could tinker with these concepts?

25. Because we haven’t figured out the perfect role yet, but @cshanes will blow your mind with his knowledge if he can come





24. Because @b_west Founder Chris Burdge knows that even the GOVERNMENT is working towards becoming more Social






23. Because in an ideal world, you and your Communications team AND your CEO would all attend a conference together

22. Because it’s ONE day.

21. Because we know senior execs like you are quite competitive and we are going to tap into that edge you have. #bigrewards

20. Because working ON the business at 50,000 ft is as/more important than working IN the business for a role like yours

19. Because you may have 50 reasons Not to change but we have 99 reasons you SHOULD.


















18. Because we are thinking now with this great list we should have made this conference double the price.

17. Because when you fan our cool facebook page you get 99 ways to make an impact with Social Media

16. Because we have the opportunity to raise the collective Digital IQ of our organizations

15. Because 20 years ago we wouldn’t have been comfortable with email or cell phones…. times change and we adpat

14. Because HR has an opportunity to be more heavily impacting the Communications strategy of organizations

13. Because it’s not about how many fans you have, it’s how engaged they are. That goes for your employees.

12. Because Zeeshan is one of Impact99’s two interns and another example of kick ass Gen Y engagement potential

11. Because a new crop of young HR leaders like Katherine Duffy are out to save HR from itself






10. Wow… top ten! Feel like David Letterman now! (BTW you HAVE signed up by now right? )

9. Because Salima knows that if companies like Mark’s and Microsoft can do Social, yours can too





8. Because did we mention SWAG?

7. Because we think we are onto something

6. Because Impact99 Toronto has coaches like Sarah the voice behind MTV/Much Music Social Media







5. Because this video says it all.

4. Because in your heart, you know this is going to be unique and you want to be part of it

3. Because it’s TIME

2. Because it’s going to be  a blast…

1. And the number one reason….. that’s yours to fill in. Can’t wait to see you on the registration roster. If you have any questions please feel free to contact info@impact99.ca or contact us via our website http://var/www/vhosts/christinemcleod.ca/everydayleader.ca.impact99.ca


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  1. Garry on August 19, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    This is a great program and announcement and I know it’ll be a huge success. You are going to get lots of love on this – Garry