#YSTANDOUT a new generation of HR leaders

How to define our generation?

How do we see ourselves and how do others describe our attitudes and personality?

What a better way to answer these questions than on a Youtube video that would be posted on a couple of websites and Facebook pages?

After all, that is how Generation Y communicates.

  1. We need to be constantly connected. 
  2. We want to demonstrate our creativeness, authenticity and passion and we have the tools to make the world know it with a simple click. 
  3. We understand the power of technology and media because we cannot even imagine our lives without a computer.
Here was how we articulated that in a few seconds. 

How Gen Y can STANDOUT was the main topic of the #YStandOut event, held by the BCIT Human Resource Association a few weeks back.

At the conference we had the opportunity to learn from two great speakers: Christine McLeod and Lauren Friese about how to stand out and be engaged in the workforce as members of Generation Y.

Christine talked to us from her perspective as an experienced speaker, trainer and executive about eight principles for business impact and the role that social media is playing in the work environment. The importance of having an attractive profile on social networks was so obvious after her presentation that I finally joined LinkedIn and have been working on optimizing my profile for the last two months.

Lauren Friese shared her personal experience as the founder of Talent Egg. It was very motivating to hear her story of success, because she is part of our generation. It was easy to identify with many of the feelings that she had when she finished her degree or when she was looking for support for that great idea that she had in mind: a website focused on careers for Generation Y students and recent graduates.

So after a bit of networking and lots of valuable information, we were asked to create a short video for a contest, giving our own perspective about our generation, how we interact in social media and how we get engaged. And here I am, sharing my thoughts as part of the Gen Y, the BCIT Human Resource program and the group that obtained the most views in its video!

Hope you like it!

Impact People Practices Guest Blog post by

Carolina Vertel

Human Resource student at BCIT

First Year Representative for the BCIT Human Resource Association