Cultivating a digital mindset

Today I hosted a half day workshop with 16 savvy sales leaders and we talked about social media in the workplace.

The same conversations came up that I hear all around me in the corporate world. Desire to generally engage but concerns around:

Cultivating Digital Mindset Diagram

At the event with me was my Impact People Practices Intern Zeeshan Rasool . Zeeshan came along to film the event for me and we had a great discussion on the drive home.

Zeeshan, about 10-15 years younger than the average audience age today was surprised to see how important that separation between “me at work” and “me outside of work” and people’s reluctance  to mix the two.

What is apparent is that the generation coming into the workforce is one that has grown up in this world of connection and sharing: This generation doesn’t see that clear demarcation and are much more comfortable processing the randomness of social information as well as dancing between public and private person.

This evening, I came across a fabulous TEDX talk on Cultivating a digital mindset. The talk, about 16 minutes in length is the clearest description I have come across to date of what is currently happening… and what this “social” world looks like in the next decade.

Here is the video:


It is exactly these types of conversations we should be having more regularly- because what lies ahead is of a magnitude that can’t be ignored.

What is the impact of this shift in our lives ? in our workplaces? our relationships? How do we adapt as a species and how does our brain and body become WIRED differently as a result of the changing nature of “social” and how it impacts every bit of our lives ?

These are the conversations we will be having Oct 6th and Nov 7th for Impact99 conference on Social Media and the Connected workplace. Between now and then however, what would you add to this conversation if you were to weigh in? I welcome your thoughts!

Christine, founder Impact People Practices



  1. kemp on October 6, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Enjoyable reading. Learning what motivates younger people and all people in the work place is key!

  2. Amber Turnau on October 6, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    We’re trying to build social into our DNA at Whistler Blackcomb. Thanks for a great conference!

  3. Mick Say on October 10, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Interesting points, will look forward to more of this. Mick