For over two decades I have instinctively known that CULTURE .. WINNING CULTURE is the key to success in business.
For over two decades I have absorbed, experienced, seen, heard, sought out the ways Leadership can influence CULTURE.

The time has come to introduce an idea. Win-Win-Win (W3)

When we have a high performance winning culture, our customers win, our employees win.. and the business wins. And when we get this magic combination right, what we have is a sustainable business poised for high growth… an impactful workplace and an impactful organization.

More than ever, as the relationship customers want with our businesses changes and as the relationship employees want with their employers changes- the opportunity… and the RISK of not thinking about this triple-win philosophy is tremendous. The Social and Digital world we live in has amplified the impact employees and customers alike on brand, business and bottom line. 

On the internet, GREAT travels fast, terrible travels even faster.. and mediocre doesn’t travel at all. The only question is- how fast your reputation travelling? 

Over the next weeks and months I will expand on this idea as I launch my personal brand Christine McLeod and own the voice I know there is a need for. Guidance to helps leaders internalize the MAGIC and LOGIC of creating a WIN-WIN-WIN (W3) CULTURE.

For now, I share today a phenomenal presentation on one company and its leader who GET this equation.

HubSpot is a company that (at least from the outside) seems to have the WIN-WIN-WIN equation nailed. 


What do you think about this triple WIN approach and what other companies can you name that seem to operate with this philosophy in mind?
I would love to uncover leaders and organizations who are leading the way- organizations we can all learn from.

Looking forward to the journey ahead-

Christine McLeod

Chief Possibilities Officer