Mentorship for women and teen leaders

Do you ever wish someone in your life would appear during a period of transition or growth who could...? 

  • Lend an ear
  • Advise, or provide coaching, on a particular issue
  • Support you and believe in you
  • Brainstorm with you
  • Act as a business or life "concierge"
  • Be a sounding board for ideas and concerns
  • Hold up the mirror for you
  • Relate to wearing multiple hats in a given day
  • Help you get unstuck
  • Connect you to the resources you need or open some doors

 I very much believe that everyone has the ability to get themselves unstuck, propel forward, and get connected with a little support. I don't have all the answers – you do. What I do have is the time for you, and the vast connections in this community to surround you with the resources and tools you need on the journey you have chosen.

Think of these hours as giant personal concierge wings wrapped around the business and personal you. We all wear various hats – parent, entrepreneur, volunteer, friend, son, daughter, boss, you name it. In each of those roles we have the opportunity to become the best version of ourselves we can be.

Complimentary mentorship opportunities are limited to three at any given time. If you are interested in exploring this please drop me a line and tell me more about yourself and I can let you know when I have a spot open.

Mentorship with me!

  • 1 hour a month in person
  • Access via text & email
  • 2-3 months duration
  • No charge
  • Limited spots
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Vanessa Doak, Founder Healthy Hearts Healthy Minds

"To say I gained a mentor would be an understatement! I gained a role model, a friend, developed an ever so important sisterhood, and importantly, a professional connection! Being thankful is just the beginning in expressing how much I value my relationship with Christine."

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